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Wolfgang Halbig has a JOKE and a SMILE!


Halbig gets UTI from Handling Rubber… DUCK!?


wolfgang-halbig-painted-portrait-whistle-blowerOh. My. Goodness. No.

Did Wolfgang Halbig say “balls” and “scrotum” in a new interview? Being a German Investigative Reporter, you can be sure The Wolf will leave no stone unturned – kidney stones, too! – as to who “poisoned” him.

We have included a 2 minute audio clip from Tiffany M.’s phone interview with Halbig. Wolfgang has GOT to be the biggest joke-ster of the Hoaxers. Honestly. How does a man get a urinary tract infection AND see his doctor AND… in less than 8 hours? The guy is unreal. He wants to sue everything. What a joke! Wolfgang Halbig will make up fake illnesses in hopes of being awarded money, any which way he can. In fact, we obtained some kind of “list” Wolfgang put together since the #DUCKGATE incident.


The contaminated rubber ducks Halbig refers to are being blamed for a number of things:
  • UTI
  • Kidney stones
  • Eczema (elbows & knees)
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (right hand only)
  • Chronic Dandruff (eyebrows)
  • Weight Gain (extra 10+lbs.)
  • General Laziness
  • Anxiety (rubber PTSD)
  • Halitosis
  • Conjunctivitis (entire family)
  • Sadness/Depression
  • 24 Pack of Coca-Cola
  • Muffin Mix (blueberry or chocolate?)
  • 2% Milk
  • Discounted Beef (make sure to check exp. dates!)
  • Cash Checks Received from Donations
  • Pay Phone Bill
  • Write to Coca-Cola Company (sponsorship deal???)


(okay, the list is fake – but the rest is plain duck ‘n crazy)


duck_1     sandy-hook-ducks-green-ribbon     keep-calm-duck-on


Come on, Halbig. Come on. On top of all this nonsense, is Wolf shilling for Coca-Cola? Sure sounds like it. What is going on here!?

To quote Wolfgang Halbig:

“I DON’T KNOW! You’re askin’ me to explain sumpin I don’t know!!!”


tiffany-m-youtube-honr-avatar-2016FULL INTERVIEW WITH TIFFANY M.:

Call with Wolfgang Halbig, “I agree with everything you’re saying Tiffany”
(Published on Oct 14, 2016; <update: 2016.10.25>

Won’t respond to:

1) Why won’t you share the documents received from the FOIA requests?

2) How much money have you raised to date?

3) Why haven’t you provided an audit of checks and balances, like what was promised when you started fundraising?

4) How much of the money was spent on civil matters?

5) How much was spent on Viagra and cheap motels?

6) Why do you refuse to accept answers you’ve received and move on, you’re digging deep don’t you think?

7) What were your responsibilities with the Lake County School District?

8) Why didn’t you notify the parents in that school of the dangerous mold but yet you turn around and sue the school district for mold inhiliation.

9) Why did you lie about death threats that were made to you?

10) Do you honestly consider rubber ducks a threat?

Ten simple questions Wolfgang Halbig. Wheres the transparency?


Wolfgang Halbig is a quack.



…I’ll continue to ask him these 10 questions.