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Wolfgang Halbig and InfoWar’s Alex Jones Sued in Court.


Wolfgang Halbig and InfoWars Host Alex Jones to be SUED in Court.

Lawsuit includes FBI Agent and Six Sandy Hook Families of Victims as Plaintiffs.

Another lawsuit looms large for two leaders in the online conspiracy Hoaxer Community…

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INFOWars host Alex Jones, along with his recurring on-air guest Wolfgang Halbig, have big problems in 2018.

A defamation lawsuit was filed today (Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018), naming AJ and Wolf  as defendants. Jones and Halbig are two outspoken mouthpieces for the Hoaxer Community. The two online personalities claim the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting from December 14th, 2012 never occurred.

In a surprising turn of events, FBI Agent William Aldenburg joined the lawsuit as one of the many plaintiffs, which includes six families from Connecticut, as reported by Huffington Post.

Halbig’s associate, Cory Sklanka (aka Slight of Sin), is also listed as a defendant. The lawsuit details numerous videos, articles, links… an entire timeline of events taking us from the moment of the tragedy in December 2012 to present day… 42 pages.

Paperwork was filed by attorney Josh Koskoff of the Bridgeport, Connecticut-based law firm Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder.

View the entire document here: or click the complaint page below…

lawsuit on ScribD.

Alex Jones the Gate-keeping Shill

Alex Jones constantly goes back and forth. His stance on Sandy Hook is wishy washy because he does not want to lose any viewers. Backtracking now would be a sign of weakness and presently, Jones receives trolling for being a shill, a gate-keeper and a cointel-pro agent.

“I tend to believe that children (probably) did die there, but then you look at all the evidence on the other side… I can see how people believe that nobody died there.”

Alex Jones’ co-Hoaxing Partner, Wolfgang Halbig

Wolfgang Halbig has also called the Sandy Hook victims “crisis actors.”

To this very day, Wolfgang Halbig questions whether any mass shooting is real or a government plot. Halbig speaks out against victims and survivors of the Pulse Night Club shooting that took place in his home State of Florida.

Another mass shooting and another hoax claim by the Wolf? There is a pattern with this lunatic, yes indeed.

Wolfgang Halbig, a 70-year-old snake-oil salesman in the Truther/Hoaxer communities, has been virtually nonstop since he burst on the scene in 2013/2014. Halbig harassed the parents, relatives and friends of Sandy Hook victims for years – and continues to with a small army of trolls who hang on his every move. The Leader of the Hoaxers has made countless trips to Connecticut, funded with online pledges from his conspiracy communities. He has appeared on InfoWars a few times, passing himself off as ex-police and a school safety expert.

Wolfgang Halbig on Vice - YouTube.

Halbig is known for:

  • questioning port-a-potties appearing in Connecticut during a tragedy
  • mocking the brave men and women first responders for taking lunch breaks
  • demanding photographic evidence of massacred bodies
  • harassing Connecticut residents
  • stalking Connecticut officials
  • trolling dead children
  • inquiring about children’s names who performed at a Super Bowl
  • spreading disinformation William Aldenberg is David Wheeler

Trolling the FBI?

Social Media’s Most Wanted has written about Robin Weigel (How I See the World, How I See Sandy Hook, How I See Myself…) and Weigel’s participation in the disinfo campaign: William Aldenberg is David Wheeler. Alex Jones and Wolfgang Halbig run with this theory on much bigger platforms.

“Such an easy conspiracy claim to debunk,” you would think. Not so… when you have huge personalities like Alex Jones and Wolfgang Halbig with big numbers pushing back. The hoax of one man playing two characters at a real school shooting lives on, simply because these Hoaxers will not back down one inch. They refuse to be wrong.

Today, Google is polluted with disinformation that has long since been debunked…

William Aldenberg - Google images search.

Hoaxers will run with anything.

One fact Hoaxers cannot accept: William Aldenberg is a real FBI Agent.

Countless posts, image uploads with side by side comparisons and statements about William Aldenberg being a Sandy Hook parent… both Alex Jones and Wolfgang Halbig can’t deny their parts in this particular disinformation campaign. The two windbags spread disinfo for views and money.

Halbig Facebook link: David Wheeler is William Aldenberg

Aldenberg added his real FBI Agent name to the list of plaintiffs against Alex Jones, Wolfgang Halbig, InfoWars, Prison Planet and Cory Sklanka (Halbig’s chauffeur around Connecticut) and we can only hope.

Hoaxer hopscotch

What will the Hoaxers do when David Wheeler and Bill Aldenberg show up in the same place at the same time?

Will Alex Jones tell his loyal YouTubers about the new lawsuit he just got slapped with?

How come Wolfgang Halbig hasn’t checked himself into a mental institution yet? He promised…