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STACKPOT (Michael Caserta) from Garden Grove, California is a CRACKPOT


He Makes Us LAUGH: Stackpot HOAXING YouTubers All the Way to DEBUNK!


stackpot-michael-caserta-youtube-avatarWho will be the next YouTuber to lose their Channel? Social Media’s Most Wanted is betting on the losing horse to be Stackpot (aka Michael Caserta) from Garden Grove, California.

Stackpot attempts to pass himself off as a musician and artist – far from it! We have discovered some interesting things by doing basic Google, Yahoo! and Bing searches on Michael Caserta. “Truther?” Ironically, the guy is a pathological liar. He is an obvious alcoholic, a homeless bum making a living off the death of major tragedies, calling everything “a hoax” for the sake of views. A few reliable sources who are closest to Stackpot (in real life) came forward to out Caserta as a major-major-MAJOR drug addict (meth, cocaine, crack) who doubles down as a non-apologizing woman beater… YIKES! Hitting women? That’s strange, because Stacky ain’t some little dude like his avatar suggests. No, quite the opposite.




Michael Caserta: Making Videos on the Run

For a guy living on the streets of Orange County, Michael Caserta certainly knows how to put together a convincing presentation for fakery online. He is one of the more popular YouTube Channels pushing the Sandy Hook Hoax and his taste in music is far and wide. Caserta knows how to rock out! Probably one of the biggest Beatles fans out there, too. Stackpot videos focus on topics like 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013, Sandy Hook, Atlanta Olympics, New World Order Illuminati along the Fab Four. In fact, Stackpot believes Paul McCartney died when The Beatles were really taking off and record executives had him replaced with another left-handed look-alike.

That’s a bold statement… and Michael Caserta is a bold dude.

Massive Gorilla Making Guerilla Hoaxer Propaganda Videos Online

Standing well over six foot tall and weighing in at 250lbs., Stackpot is an over-grown hoax-tard who has now gone full paranoia before our very eyes. Take a look at some cellphone footage he uploaded to YouTube and witness the goofball in action: here is a man, walking down the middle of a road, pointing cameras at the sky as helicopters fly above him (uh… it’s California!), drinking from a beer bottle and hiding those blood-shot eyeballs behind a cheap pair of sunglasses. This is who the Hoaxers are counting on for “solid” Sandy Hook Conspiracy information. A gigantic dumb-ass!

Also take note: many of the comments posted to the video show a great deal of concern. The concern comes from the Hoaxer Community.  Do you often see messages in the comment section (with prayers!) after a Hoaxer uploads a video? No, never.


Did Stacks hope he could pass this one off to his subscribers as further proof of being targeted?


FACEMELT: Take a Trip Back in Time… with Stackpot on FACEBOOK!

Michael Caserta’s online Facebook activity from only a few short years ago:


What’s interesting about the NOTES from Stackpot’s Facebook profile? Out of the few hundred friends and associates Caserta has, NOBODY is commenting on his political views from 2011/2012. Keep in mind, this is only a few short weeks away from the Sandy Hook tragedy and Stackpot is playing solitaire at this point.


Death of Michael Caserta’s Sister: Did a Family Tragedy Trigger Stackpot Into Conspiracy?

stackpot-michael-caserta-oc-orange-county-register-hit-by-car-death-in-family-august-2013In August of 2013, Stackpot lost his sister who was hit by a car, walking home from a job at Walgreen’s late one night. An unexpected death can make an unstable person go full-tilt boogie. Stackpot was already a mess and this pushed the laid-back surfer-dude into a strange place. The downward spiral included his two kids being taken away from him, getting busted for drinking and driving… then drugs. A restraining order was placed on Caserta by the mother of his children while Stackpot was hooked on Vicodin.

Stackpot turned to the computer for advice…


Also take note how Caserta wants to make a video about this by contacting an ex-boyfriend of the woman, when in fact, the ex-boyfriend is himself. This is a classic example of “I have a friend who…”



We need to once again re-visit Michael Caserta’s Facebook Page. Here are all the videos Caserta shares with his friends and family on Facebook:


Eight videos? ONLY EIGHT VIDEOS!?

Boy, for a self-proclaimed “video artist” and “seeker/spreader of knowledge and truth,” Stackpot sure has a funny way of showing his loyalty to the Truth Community. This is one of THE MOST DISHONEST displays of hidden online activity we have witnessed. Essentially, Caserta spreads his madness online as Stackpot while keeping a low-profile in real life as Michael Caserta. Just how many of Michael Caserta’s Facebook friends understand what he is up to? Like, zero out of 350. Caserta would never dare tell his real friends, only the online pals.

stackpot-michael-caserta-youtube-videos-uploads-video-jr-mike-sea-topkcats-topcats-chief-white-cloud-chief-whitcloud-channel-channelsCrazy. And just to put that into perspective…



Eight videos on an active Facebook profile and nearly 600 videos in secret. People trust this guy? Okay. There’s more…


Stackpot Gets Ultra-Violent at the HEIGHT of Sandy Hook Conspiracy Claims

After the release of We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, Stackpot goes full-blown bonkers. We were able to obtain a screenshot of a recent report from Stackpot’s very own mother, Janice Caserta:


What’s so fascinating about a beast beating up old women? You guessed it! The “interested party” listed on the report is none other than Sandy Hook Hoaxer, Michele Lynn Haas, aka Samantha Caine, aka Sammie Caine ALSO known as Hoaxer-Groupie-Haas. Haas is huge on Sandy Hook conspiracy, as well being Caserta’s online lover during this time period.

Yes. Stackpot had it good for a while. Michele Haas put him up in motels. Michele Haas bought him food, cigarettes and booze. In hopes of dragging Michael Caserta back to Seattle with her, Michele Haas put out willingly, having constant sex with a homeless man. Okay, admittedly, that was a low blow. Sorry, but Michele Haas is no lady. She is a witch who gang stalks Sandy Hook victims in person. Haas shows up at events and book signings (confronting those who were actually there, face to face), calling them liars in an attempt to publicly shame them.

samantha-caine-sammie-caine-michele-haas-seattle-washington-oregon-clean-avatar“The truth is… 99% of the general population on this planet would not BANG the homeless daily. I do it to expose them.”

*we will dive in deeper with Michele Haas, aka Samantha Caine, aka Chemtrail Caine at a later date in future posts.

From what we could gather, here is a woman throwing herself at a crackhead. Stackpot lead Samantha Caine on for months with text messages, phone conversations that went on for hours and constant dirty talk. And remember: Stackpot is presenting himself as an artist, a single dad, a musician, a gentle giant and a Truther.


Haas was confused by the meth addiction. She would call his cellphone and not get an answer until hours later. This was not the case when she was calling from the State of Washington. Stackpot would always return to her wasted, burnt out, strung out and agitated. Stackpot also refused to work or offer any help to the dire situation, so Sammie Caine began to look for work herself – out of State! She was able to line up interviews and was ready to make a new life for herself and Caserta in California, even though her thirteen year-old daughter needed mommy to be home in Washington.

michele-haas-linkedin-youtube-samantha-caine-sammie-chemtrails-truther-hoaxerNeedless to say, tempers got hot and Stackpot dislocated the shoulder of Michele Haas when he yanked car keys from her hand. Caserta raised his fist to punch his groupie lover and she fled from the situation. Digging into the strange behavior, it was noted that Stackpot was two-timing (possibly THREE-timing!) on Michele Haas with another woman online who goes by LolaBunny. For this betrayal, Haas turned on Stackpot, siding with the mother. In return, Michele Haas received hot showers, a roof over her head and a bed to sleep on.

Long story short: Michael Caserta KNEW Michele Haas was driving thousands of miles to see him. As soon as Haas visited Stackpot in real life, Caserta avoided her like the plague. When Haas cashed in her chips, Stackpot sweet-talked her into further debt and tried to ruin her, conspiring with LolaBunny.

Stackpot did all this knowing Michele Lynn Haas was a mother to a teen, a minor who was in her care. This never phased Caserta. Afterall, he lost custody to his two sons, so big deal!


More Lying from a TRUE Online Hoaxer with Something to Hide

Have a look at some pictures of the real Michael Caserta



Explain this one, Crack-Pot:


Michael Caserta presents himself very differently online than how he actually is… a drunken crackhead. And if you need your place evaluated by a drunk crackhead, Michael Caserta will tell you what your home is worth:


OH! Hold up…





The Strangest Thing We Uncovered About Michael Caserta

Michael Caserta has Freemason ties. His grandfather was a Shriner!


Even crazier? Michael Caserta DIED in Connecticut THIS YEAR (as this is being researched and written, last month) and the obituary was posted in…

The Newtown Bee??? No. Way.


Geez. Get well soon, Stackpot!