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Jason Boss – Hoaxer and Fake Christian


Jason Boss - – a Breeding Ground for Sandy Hook Hoaxers & Other STALKER Conspiracy Theorists

Jason Boss is a HOAXER with his very own video-sharing platform where the FRINGE website’s motto is, “153 News… Because Censorship KILLS!!!”

Conman [email protected] created a website for some of the worst scumbags on the internet:

Jason Boss is a grizzly, grizzled, beefcake Brutus-type guy. A fake Christian… a real bully. Boss comes with a booming voice and one bangin’ bushy salt and pepper beard. This is a criminal who once had two meth labs. This is the same creeper con who sold his meth drugs to some of the weakest people on the planet, taking advantage of easy prey. Once he got caught, Jason Boss had to turn his life around, however, the former criminal got himself into a different type of crime: home foreclosures, mostly – taking advantage of people’s kindness and pretending to be an Alpha male with a plan. There was no plan. There was never ANY plan. And with no chance at digging himself out of a terrible financial hole, Jason Boss decided to tuck tail, heading to Panama with his debt and his family. - because censorship kills – “Because Censorship Kills” sticker from

2020 UPDATE: 153News dot NOT!!! has been taken offline – 3/21… BLAST OFF!!!

Jason Boss claims the servers were stolen. Yes, just stolen from some type of secret location… and Jason Boss accepts it, kind of like, “Oh, well. The servers are gone, guys. Evil has won, but we sure did try. We tried, didn’t we?”

Give me a break. How did the crime happen? How did such an underground fringe website (with those alleged millions of clicks, secret passwords, login locations, etc.) just go dark on March 21st, 2020? How does this happen and why is Jason Boss behaving like a crisis actor?

Boss said he would have literally DIED for – he was ready to take a bullet…

Did Jason Boss STEAL HIS OWN SERVERS!?!?!?

Jason Boss has wanted out of for quite some time. Running this type of website, relying on donations, was a chore for the tiny fringe site owner. Boss was always asking for money – no… e-begging.

e-begging Each and every month, Jason Boss posted to the top of, a crude donation chart that showed everyone just how terrible the site was doing financially. Jason Boss resorted to e-begging for almost 3 whole years. Every month, 153news made their one thousand dollar money-raising goals through PayPal, Zelle, bitcoin, etc. – BUT BARELY!

All this hate site needed was about $1,000.00 per month. Coming up with $1K proved very difficult for the band of misfit Hoaxers. Jason Boss proudly tells his audience 153News has been waking up people by the millions. Boss brags about numbers, obviously over-inflated just like everything else in his bloated life.

YouTube screencapture - Jason Boss of
Jason Boss posts a YouTube video, WARNING his friends and followers to DOWNLOAD videos @ – 2 days before the fringe website went down.

And then one day, Jason Boss uploads a YouTube video where he absolutely WARNS people who follow him, friend him, whatever – Boss posts a heads up deal just TWO DAYS before the servers were stolen – on March 19th, 2020.

And then two days later…

3/21/2020 – Jason Boss announces via his website, the following:

Jason Boss - a message to his Brothers & Sisters
Jason Boss – a message to his Brothers & Sisters via

Jason Boss convinced himself he was onto something with the ID2020 in the vaccine and began pulling numbers out of old Illuminati playbooks. Since March 22nd was right around the corner, Boss seized upon this coincidence on the calendar to make up some 3/22 fear porn connection.

“This is about the 3/22 lockdown that is coming. My brothers and sisters, I truly believe I was onto something with the ID2020 in the vaccine…” – Jason Boss @

Three-two-two… Skull and Bones, Skull and Bones, Skull and Bones! SKULL AND BONES YOU GUYS!!!

Jason Boss thought he was putting together a puzzle, like something out of the movie “National Treasure” where only a few groups of crazy conspiracy theorists can save the planet and all of humanity if they can decode their lousy lives, call everyone around them pedophile and post YouTube videos.

Black glove and video cable were left at the SCENE OF THE CRIME!

153News STOLEN SERVER!!! - Jason Boss
Stolen servers from – a rubber glove was found on the floor.

March 23rd, 2020

Jason Boss has a feeling “who” stole the server for, but for some reason, Boss will not disclose who that person is. Hints are given, but for the most part, nobody specific is actually named by Jason Boss. Instead, the cryptic clues and identity of the thief are kept secret, most likely kept secret so Boss can make it seem like big players and World Governments are conspiring against him.

153News – funding and promotion was funded and promoted by a tiny group of Hoaxers. Hoaxers like MattyD, SideThorn, Conspiracy Granny, Jim Fetzer… oh yes, all the greatest minds in one place! LOL!!! But MattyD funding this site???


MattyD LOVES Jason Boss

Okay, alright… what is the deal with these two Hoaxers??? Matthew D’Andrea AKA MattyD 4Truth AKA Matty Dandrea on YouTube has not only lost his mind, he has recently lost all abilities to properly put on a long sleeve shirt. And Jason Boss smiles away with some dog like the two just had sweet bestiality play in the back of an air-conditioned SUV.

Wow. YouTube avatars for Hoaxers, you know?

Matthew D'Andrea and Jason Boss - YouTube Love
Matthew D’Andrea and Jason Boss have a little public bromance with each other in the YouTube comment section.

Yeah, why does Matty Dandrea type like an idiot on steroids? No capital letters to start a sentence, bad grammar, poor sentence structure, throw everyone under the bus as far as finances go AND CAPS LOCK TO FINISH IT ALL OFF!!!

Matthew D’Andrea cannot STAND Jewish culture, and Hebrew happenings around the world and in the news, so… enjoy!


Check this video out by J.O.E.L. Bot No.5 – it will explain a lot. He loves to stick his big fat beard where it’s not always wanted. Boss met up with Vegan Mikey extremely late one night and they took off in a van together… to go shopping! Vegan Mikey, a guy who Jason Boss paid for motel and hotel rooms, dishes, utensils, ketchup, egg-free mayo, Tobasco Sauce, coffee maker and coffee, VooDoo Donuts, etc.

He is tied to the suicide of Isaac Kappy.

The REAL Jason Boss