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Robert David Steele: Child Slaves Being Sent to MARS!


Man of Mars - Robert David Steele

Who is Robert David Steele?

EXPOSING the LIES of Robert David Steele – Former Marine and YouTube Philosopher who’s become a revered figure in QAnon circles.


Robert David Steele claims to be a former CIA spy, former Marine, and co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity also known as MCIA.

A Reddit user known as KtheBard kicks off with, “I’ve tried to check if any of his LONG list of incredible credentials are true, and find myself really doubting most of it.” when writing about Robert David Steele. Another Reddit user, AndyGutentag, hits back with, “His bio is full of shit. Open-source intelligence is just anything non-classified that’s available to anyone. So the extent of his super-duper Intel collection likely involves reading books, newspapers, and Facebook.” That’s when Salty_McSaltyson closes out the deal and responds in the thread, “Am in military intelligence. Can confirm open source is literally anything you can use from google or other sites to add to real intel.”

Robert David Steele Exposed

Who else do we know that claims to be a Marine? If you’re thinking James Fetzer, you are correct! Robert David Steele is a YouTube Truther and provides us with a very recent Fetzer interview – February 19th, 2020.

Steele eggs Fetzer on. The two talk about exculpatory evidence, a term Steele is sure to bring up first to show Dr. James Fetzer just how wise he is. So you have one guy who believes kidnapped children are slaves on Mars telling another guy who has proven that man has never walked on the moon… wow! What a joke! Exculpatory evidence not being presented in a multi-million dollar lawsuit brought against Fetzer and Steele mentions how “malice” was never proven in Court.

And just as things get juicy, Steele says he wants to do this particular interview (again???) for another time.

James Fetzer and Robert David Steele
James Fetzer and Robert David Steele discuss the Court case Fetzer landed in… briefly discuss. – February 19, 2020.

Wants thousands of lawsuits to take down social media

Robert David Steel’s answer to those who speak out about him?

Lawsuits. Yes, thousands of lawsuits “with one good lawyer.” That’s all it takes, according to Steele. One good lawyer to navigate you around the Freemasonic Courts and other Secret Societies who won’t let you have your day. The only thing any ole Joe off the streets needs is a good lawyer, then Google and YouTube can be sued for millions because others call you an idiot online.

Alright, so it’s okay to buy into conspiracies and purposefully hurt others with no evidence? No evidence to back up what you put out online, right? Just call it a false flag and you’ll be forgiven of any personal targeting you did or may have caused. However, when others go after you and call your ideas “insane,” then what? Why the sudden need to sue for millions? Defamation is a big deal and there are people out there who would appreciate the Courts not being tied up with hurt feelings and bogus lawsuits you know will not go anywhere.

Robert David Steele’s #fakelawsuit… The Targeting of Innocent People

Lawsuits by Robert David Steele are only meant to intimidate. And why does ex-CIA Robert David Steele say that the Clinton Foundation was the largest charity fraud in history? Could they sue him for libel and slander?

Now Robert David Steele claims coronavirus is an ‘act of war’ and that the virus appears to contain ‘nanoparticles’ that can be activated later by 5G. Again… based on “what” exactly? A video by Montagraph?

Come on.

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