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Drunken Offender from Tennessee… is Louis Jardim AGENT19???


Agent19 - Louis Jaridim

LOUIS JARDIM – White County, TN – Mugshot

A man loosely connected to Agent19 has been charged in Tennessee with driving under the influence and unlawful gun possession. Is this the PSYCHO behind the mask?

Agent19 AKA HereBeMonsters AKA CancermanCointelPro AKA OctoberReignz AKA… LOUIS JARDIM???

For years we have heard Agent19’s introductions: “Hello, everyone. You know who this is, yet you have absolutely no idea… of course.” Now we just might have a better picture of that internet cyber stalking smooth-talker, Agent19. And that picture is a mugshot from two years ago – a mugshot found by the same internet sleuth who blew those doors open on that “Alex Jones marrying a prostitute” story.

Agent19 & Montagraph have a FAKE FIGHT

Around the middle of March of 2020, Agent19 calls Montagraph LIVE to tell him he has Coronavirus, or was exposed to the Covid-19 virus…

“HELLO!” Montagraph shouted into his flip-phone off-camera. “Yeah, whadda you want!?”

The two trolls put on a little show for a bit while Montagraph wrapped up his 2 hour LIVESTREAM. It was this particular LIVESTREAM “show” that many have speculated was for entertainment purposes only – done to intentionally mislead their audience. Agent19 had been dox’d as Louis Jardim only a couple of days before the fake fight by researcher TiffanyM. In order to take attention away from the newly discovered mugshot of Louis Jardim, did Agent19 and Montagraph put on an act and have a pretend breakup?

Well, as the world ends and Montagraph spins out of control… CHECK OUT THESE RANDOM VIDS and decide for yourself:

Is Agent19 Louis Jardim?

Agent19 – Louis Jardim – Booze, Guns, Mugshot & MORE!!!

We do know a couple of things:

  1. Agent19 is a drinker
  2. Agent19 loves guns
Agent19 - booze and guns
Agent19 handles some alcohol and guns in a few of his YouTube videos.

Unlawful possession of a weapon… that’s interesting! Louis Jardim’s charges included drinking and driving along with an unlawful weapons possession charge. And many would guess (upwards of 100%) that the weapon was a gun and not a pair of brass knuckles.

Louis Jardim - mugshot - DUI arrest - unlawful possession of a weapon
In Louis Jardim’s 2018 online mugshot, Jardim is booked on DUI (driving under the influence) and unlawful possession of a weapon.

The original video where OctoberReignz (October Reignz, OctoberReigns, October Reigns) announced themselves is here:


Is that Montagraph and Agent19 in the background trying to interact with this pre-recorded smoking mystery man? Yes, it is! Crank up the knob and take a listen as Montagraph and Agent19 stumble their way through this improvisational decoy video from 10 years ago.

It is completely obvious how the two cyber criminals attempt to fool… whoever, someone. Knowing them, they probably needed to fool a very large group of people who were getting close to discovering who they were.

Lame trick, guys.