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Erik Pearson Sandy Hook Hoaxer


Amateur online investigator ADMITS to being a stalker.

Erik Pearson (Chandler, Arizona) has a history of stalking and breaking any law he doesn’t like.

erik-pearson-hoaxer-chandler-arizona-az-yakima-washington-wa-sandy-hook-hoax-hoaxers-08Erik Pearson apparently prophetically dubbed himself “Stalker” long before he set his sights on Sandy Hook victims. Most would agree with Pearson’s self assessment, as it is obvious he has personified his own descriptor. Stalker and variants thereof have been part off his online persona for years. This includes handles, usernames and email addresses for numerous forums and identities on social networking platforms many “normal” people use.


This ‘Stalker213’ account was 2004. Research has revealed that the following emails trace to Pearson:

He has also been the administrator of his own stalker proboard forums:


Amateur Investigator with ZERO Qualifications

Setting aside a questionable past, what are Erik Pearson’s qualifications to lead an investigation? Afterall, Pearson is requesting donations for beer to conduct his online investigations.

Education and Training


Pearson’s education is in doubt as he has claimed to be a high school dropout. However, Pearson has also stated he attended McClintock High School from years 1988 – 1992. It is unknown if Erik Pearson is a graduate, graduated any type of school or took GED, if any completion at all. The claim that Pearson attended four years at the same high school appears at odds with a story he wrote about himself in his essay, “Inside the Heart of Madness.”

erik-pearson-hoaxer-chandler-arizona-az-yakima-washington-wa-sandy-hook-hoax-hoaxers-04The rest of his educational experience is unclear and Pearson did not present it in his essay. The level of education is not likely extensive.

Pearson alleges he joined Army, but washed out sometime during the initial physical exam stage; thus never serving. He is not known to have held much more than menial jobs.

Other than being a defendant in criminal prosecutions, Erik Pearson has no known experience or training that would qualify him to conduct an investigation of anything. Indeed, if history, performance and presentation is any gauge, Erik Pearson couldn’t investigate his way out of a paper sack because Pearson spends his time chasing fantasy and whims, with very little rational discretion. This is indicative of his lack of experience in real world investigation.

Nothing appears to qualify him to recognize, ascertain, or competently analyze and present evidence, nor does he demonstrate the skill as a natural talent. Thus, Pearson rates a zero qualification marker, making even Wolfgang Halbig or Jim Fetzer (two lying frauds in their own right) look good in comparison.


Hoaxer Investigation

Erik Pearson will accept anything as truth, as long as it is sent to him via electronic communications by his Hoaxer friends. The five stages of a flat out lie need Hoaxers like Pearson. Here is how one man’s random thought will have the ability to spread like wild fire throughout hundreds of mentally ill minds.

Step 1: Invent a premise

Hoaxers scour the internet to look for links that will support their wild theories. Where the links don’t actually support anything, hoaxers use ‘artistic license’ to fill in some blanks with demented commentary and persuasion.

Step 2: Hoaxer drones take the bait

Mindless Sandy Hook Hoaxer drones accept what the Sandy Hook Hoax administrators say. Even lacking a single piece of actual evidence to support the premise, they do not question, perform independent research, or demonstrate critical thinking skills in their own right. This can only be described as mass hysteria.


Step 3: Hoaxer community assistance and praise

To keep this “well-oiled” machine running, the horrible leads need to be followed up and reported on, no matter how bad. Erik Pearson provides an assist with his own ‘investigative skills’:

Note: Pearson’s psychotic partner can barely control himself in the fervor of his own delusion.

Pearson excitedly promises a reward to Craven for his “discovery,” offering to buy a new computer from the donations he is currently soliciting – presumably with whatever is left over after purchasing beers. And Craven’s psychosis and delusion is the only fuel he needs to fuel his fire.

You have bore witnessed  to their mass delusion; watched it take hold and spread like wild fire, all without a single shred of evidence, let alone truth.  Hoaxers ran with the idea, expanded it, filled in the blanks with paranoid commentary and saw visions of NATO involvement in their putrid little Facebook group.

Only severe mental illness could seed and foster such delusion and rampant paranoia.  This is the exact methodology they in all stalking and harassment of victims and families of Newtown and Sandy Hook.

Step 4: create videos and blogs

Hoaxers have received the praise from comments, now they will take that new confidence and bring it to the public with videos and blogs. Pearson makes a video about nothing to bring in views and receive more praise. A Hoaxer like Pearson trusts the high-ranking Craven. Pearson now describes Craven’s delusions and present made up evidence as fact, thus cementing the truth, in their minds.

And there you have it. Sandy Hook Hoax Investigation 101. However, it is not investigation at all, but a symptom of mental disease and defect. Paranoia from a few, or possibly vicious trolling from online psychopaths? Whatever the case, there are those who purposefully spread their madness and aim their shenanigans at the mentally unstable types, many of which are natural born stalkers like Erik Pearson.

Step 5: issue threats and ultimatums


Erik Pearson is so caught up in the delusion, he has to the nerve to threaten another with the video he discussed above.  He even uploaded the video and titled his piece, “You Just Got Swan’d!” advertising it on Google+.

When Peterson’s mindless drone followers asked him about the promised video, he withheld it, making it private and decided it would better serve as blackmail leverage towards me.

This is how sick this pathetic little man is; he tries to threaten me with Sandy Hook Hoaxer hysterics, fantasy, and delusion.

The group then proceeded to do the same thing to American Free Press writer Keith Johnson, this time believing Keith is actually a federal prisoner working for the government in exchange for leniency.

Hoaxers watch way to much television.

There are more common names in the USA than Keith Johnson, perhaps John Smith; however, logic would tell a reasonable person that simply finding a name match does not mean you have identified the person. Logic and discernment are obviously not tools in Erik Pearson’s investigative tool bag.

And they go on and on.

Need it be said that these “investigators” led by Tony Mead and Erik Pearson are completely ridiculous? Keith Johnson is obviously not in federal prison or remotely connected to that other Keith Johnson, as is alleged by Erik Pearson’s group.

Sandy Hook Hoax’s Stalking Fever

Meanwhile, Sandy Hook Hoax’s ramp’s up the stalking to yet another disgusting level:

At the exact time Craven S Morehead and Erik Pearson were feeding their hallucinations of  a combined NATO and Federal Prison plot hatching against their little Facebook group by way of CW Wade and Keith Johnson, Pearson’s followers were busily fantasizing about decapitated children and victimizing the Hoaxer besieged Barden family.

This demonstrates the dangerous and radical mix of cruelty and paranoia fostered within Erik Pearson’s Sandy Hook Hoax private group.

In this post, the Hoaxers have taken a cropped photo of one of the victims slain during the Sandy Hook, Daniel Barden. The Barden family is one of the most frequent victims of Sandy Hook Hoaxers on video and in blog; that day was no different.

The cropped photo is of the boy as a baby in the sink taking a bath. Hoaxer blog posts and videos convinced Hoaxers it is actually body parts of a child after the child had been decapitated and dismembered. Many Hoaxers believe the dismembered child was then put in the sink and photographed by the parent for the parent’s enjoyment.

It is difficult to even type their vile delusion. Honestly, must I write the wretched filth that spews from the demented minds of Erik Pearson and his secret Facebook group? I must, because they must be exposed. But really, COME ON! You sick bastards. GET HELP!

The conversation was long and often trailed into other delusions, so a snippet sample of their comments are here:


Previously, Erik Pearson has fostered this filth by posting Susan Stanton’s schizophrenic rants on his Sandy Hook Hoax blog and featured video on his Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook Page. Pearson allowed his members to indulge in bizarre fantasies for months. Pearson finally posted the complete photo of the Sandy Hook victim, who was of course smiling and perfectly healthy at the time the photo was taken, and certainly not as the repugnant Hoaxer’s had fantasied.

It should be noted that Erik Pearson withheld the original until it was debunked in the “debunker” discussion group.

Pearson rubs salt into the Barden’s wounds though, deciding to add his personal touch to the photo of the victim. Pearson adds his filthy logo, the undead demon girl, to the body of the Sandy Hook victim.

Please note: photo blurred and shrunk; Pearson posted the full unredacted image, also adding the undead child logo to the victim’s body.

Unwanted Child

Erik Pearson has detailed his checkered past that begins with childhood abandonment by his father and drug addicted mother, followed through his own drug abuse, attempted suicide, and multiple environmental stressors, not the least of which was his wife being impregnated by another man, surely doing further damage.

Pearson should seek psychological assistance from professionals as these horrible events obviously profoundly affected his mind. Pearson’s tendency for violence and willingness to indulge delusion to the point of threat, combined with the influence he has gained over a small group of weak minded conspiracy theorist drones is a very dangerous mix.