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Montagraph is Steve Quest and lives in Colorado. Montagraph Changed his name from Roy Warren Marshall to Steve Quest on 1/10/1996 in Jefferson County Colorado.


agent19 and montagraph

Agent19 and Montagraph aka ImYourGhost Make Gun Threat

Montagraph is Steve Quest

Steve Quest  lives at

302 S Balsam St, Lakewood, CO 80226

Montagraph Changed his name from:

Roy Warren Marshall to Steve Quest

on 1/10/1996 in Jefferson County Colorado.

Case# 1994C14846

A couple of OLD MEN ONLINE will make you rethink the Truth Movement. Predator trolls ganging up on the weak.

As the lights begin to shine brighter on Montagraph and Agent19 (aka Frank Jardim, Elizabeth, KY), gun threats are made against certain YouTubers.

Montagraph the retard troll and Hoaxer.Two of the biggest bullies you will run into and the most hateful pair around… Montagraph and Agent19… are back to their old tricks; targeting, stalking, and bullying people they view as weaker than them is the oldest trick in their playbooks. Since the beginning days of YouTube, Montagraph has taken it upon himself to act as the Official Internet Police Officer. The only problem with this position is, nobody elected him and Montagraph loves to throw his weight around. Illegal take-downs on videos and photos, along with posts and/or comments, are flagged… there are a few tricks he’s been pulling on unsuspecting people who have opinions transmitted over the internet. Montagraph has opinions that change like the seasons. He is a tricky one who is willing to share some of the more sinister tricks with his gang of cyber thugs, but for the most part, Monty is a two-main troll team with Agent19, both benefiting from harassment.

Agent19 on Twitter happened to the account.With almost 35K YouTube subscribers, the idiots with no names can upload a guy on the toilet and clear a few hundred bucks in one easy flush. This is chump change Montagraph. After all, his shed is worth more than anyone’s house. He also cannot be sued because he is worth less than a broken popsicle stick, two dirty socks, and a worn-out shoelace. These are his words! More words from Monty: self-appointed “King” who also calls himself a “Nobody” and will claim to be an IT expert/artist who put his skills to use as a bully, now enjoys messing up any person, place, or thing who attacks any one of his allies. An attack could be asking a simple question. Any excuse to be a jerk on purpose, that’s Montagraph. He called himself “psycho,” “psychotic,” “messed up,” “demonic” and it is all to get people talking about him. Monty LOVES people talking about him because it gives him something to do — silence his opposition. Silence the weak lambs. Monty truly believes SILENCE is GOLDEN.
Montagraph used to work alone and troll as ImYourGhost. Many Hoaxers are worried about using real names and have hidden or alternate accounts. ImYourGhost was created to troll the trolls who were trolling Montagraph. Monty had his rear-end handed to him. This is about the time Montagraph settled his long-standing feud with CancerMan/HereBeMonsters (Agent19). If you have seen a few videos, you will notice how these two never want to make the other upset. No matter what the issue is, Monty and Agent can find common ground. Much of their common ground is based on not trusting people. We notice that with ALL Hoaxers online. So, with Montagraph and Agent19… there is respect, for sure. The trust is just not there.
Agent19          Montagraph
Just recently, Agent19 broke away from Montagraph and had the Twitter account for WebShootersGO (a huge supporter of Social Media’s Most Wanted!) closed down for harassment. Montagraph supports this type of behavior, of course. Sometimes these guys will say “I did it” and other times it’s “sue us” or “come find me” and even “we will see you in court.” Did Agent19 go rogue and was his hate for a homeless man greater than Monty’s? There is also the point how WebShootersGO posted information to the police departments on questionable gun activity and online harassment with weapons. Montagraph is NOT allowed to own firearms, this is for certain. Agent19 is a completely different story.
Agent9141 (Agent19 on Twitter) received an account suspension notice for WebShootersGO.

Agent19 and Doug Maguire on Twitter.

Retaliation was expected from Agent19 and Montagraph. After all, Speck Mallhide was a royal embarrassment to the OctoberReignz/ImYourGhost/Montagraph/Agent19 cyber trolls back in 2016. Remember when they got caught trolling Doug Maguire on Facebook and were reported for pretending to be someone who they were not? Nothing wrong with that. Asking a person to verify their identity when they are caught spying on you should seem normal. Remember what happened when Agent19  and Montagraphrefused to prove their identity? That’s right.

Facebook closed the Speck Mallhide account. Once this happened, the 19 episode web series fell flat and Speck only reached five shows.

Maybe? Maybe Agent19 will be taking down accounts? Notice how he writes “take his account AGAIN.” It looks like some psycho is collecting trophies. It is what it is with psychopaths. Or is it?

Agent19 plays dumb.Maybe it’s finally about time everyone knows who these creeps are, where they live, what their backgrounds of studies consisted of — because of these two trolls… they are AMAZING judges of characters! Seriously. Every person should have the right to face their accuser. Agent19 and Montagraph will find out everything about you, your friends, and your family. They will threaten you with the information available to everyone, but these clowns want to scare you with the information.

It must be projection. Many people do not fear the things about them online, right? The information the dumb-antic duo wants you to worry about is what THEY put out. And the information is not correct, cruel, repetitive, and meant to trigger.

Maybe it is time to finally know for certain if Agent19 is mentally capable of owning so many firearms? There is no proof being provided on mental or emotional stability. More and more people online grow concerned with the level of desperation in this latest video.

More people online grow concerned with the level of desperation in this latest video.

 Agent19 known as Stinky Sweater Face Man by Montagraph.


Agent19 waits for Doug Maguire to make another Twitter account.
agent19 semi-automatic weapon

Who makes NEARLY a thirty-minute video showing off twenty different types of guns? This was not an instructional video on home defense or education in weapons, not at all. Twenty guns in twenty minutes?

Montagraph ghosting as ImYourGhost

Many Gun Channels on YouTube will cover two or three guns only in that time. TWENTY GUNS IN THIRTY MINUTES!? This was a video made to intimidate the people who have concerns about Agent19 and Montagraph and their mental state.

Just take a look…

Bring Your Own Body Bag? How about a barf bag? The level of cruelty, humiliation, and intimidation is sickening.

At least Montagraph let us know Agent19 is in a house. Keep slipping, fellas.

Agent19 tweets on Twitter

Partial List of Agent19’s Gun Collection:

It feels staged and a little bit like someone needs to show off when their identity is threatened. As always, we prefer not to provide links. Agent19’s YouTube video gets a few fewer clicks when we share their links. If you feel like you need to see a grown man talk about weapons… instead, click here for a video that does not earn a penny either way.

Agent19 gun collection on camoflage