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Dutchsinse and his Fraud on Patreon


Michael Yury Janitch is the fake, fraud false flagger Dutchsinse!

Google “Dutchsinse Fraud”

Michael Yuri Janitch is Dutchsinse, a predictor of earthquakes.

Online Hoaxer Michael Yuri Janitch is a fake.

This guide illustrates how easy it is to report fraud or other illegal activity using Patreon’s interface. I believe there is sufficient evidence of fraud against Dutchsinse to start holding him accountable through his Patreon and other accounts. I believe it is our civic duty to stand up to individuals who are not willing, to tell the truth to the public. Please use this guide and any of my videos as evidence to report fraudulent activity on Patreon.

Just Google “Dutchsinse Fraud”

Dutch is caught again… MASSIVELY deceiving his audience in MANY areas of his uploads. Videos reviewed for the 5th and 6th of July, 2017, and debunked the fairy tales, exposing Dutchsinse deceptions to the public.


Michael Janitch goes by “Dutchsinse” online, and he’s the best-known and best-followed freelance scam quake predictor.


Michael Yuri Janitch birthdate: 09/30/1976 (September 30th, 1976)