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Alex Jones of INFOWARS Married in January 2017


Alex Jones InfoWars - in faux wars

Erika Wolf Yoga An unverified source has provided this info about Alex Jones from Infowars: MARRIED an ESCORT

In January 2017, Alex Jones married his PREGNANT Pretty Woman girlfriend.

How can a person in this type of position stoop to such a level?

How can any human being lower their standards to marry a total and complete whore like Alex Jones? Yes, an online escort and yoga-poser from Sugar Nights, has settled for media whore and super-shill sellout Alex Jones. Is it for his good looks? His soft-spoken voice? His kind and loving nature? His holistic, passive and peaceful approach to life? Yeah right! Maybe it’s the thing we have seen time and time again: a social-climber got preggers and the unholy union will end up costing some raging windbag half of what he is worth. Believe it or not, Jones is not completely worthless! At least half of the Alex Jones InfoWars empire/fortune (LOL!) has a new heir. The male enhancement pills? Some stiff competition. And the weight loss supplemental formulas just got super thinned out with this latest marriage.

Not only has Jones screwed up a marriage by cheating on his wife at the time, he did it in such a wicked way — with a flexible party gal only out for one thing: money. Introducing Erika Wulff aka Onya yoga teacher/Escort.


Alex Jones married Erika Wulff in 2017
Facebook profile @ erika.wulff.7


InfoWars: Alex Jones Married to Erika Wulff in 2017
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1 thought on “Alex Jones of INFOWARS Married in January 2017”

  1. Alex, I’m disappointed in you. Why on earth did you have unprotected sex with a former ESCORT named Erika Wulff (aka Onya yoga teacher/ESCORT)? And you go and marry her! I don’t know what to say. That’s how the DEVIL grabs good people who dedicate their lives spreading the truth. He sends women to make them fall! I don’t think she’s a good woman, Alex, but I guess you’ll have to go through another messy divorce before you finally learn your lesson!

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