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Christopher Sebastian Bently AKA thexombiekiller Shows World His Junk


christopher sebastian bently , thexombiekiller

Hard Rocker Getting Soft! Christopher Sebastian Bently: thexombiekiller LOVES His Junk.

According to friends, family, those who know him best AND Google Maps, ex-frontman from Heroes at Gunpoint is one gigantic mess…

10709 Stanley Dr NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico  87114

thexombiekiller christopher sebastian bentlyBasic Google searches on virtually any person can bring up a variety of interesting links to click through. A first, middle and last name will give amateur sleuths more accurate results, of course. Take for instance… Christopher Sebastian Bently, a YouTuber and ex-rocker who uses many names, handles and personalities to harass. Bently primarily chooses thexombiekiller,” but he shows up on social networking platforms as “Charile’s Time Machine,” “Shrimp Cocktails,” “8-bit Mafia” (and so on…) from time to time posting nonsense with music video links. Yes, the man behind all these accounts on YouTube and Google+ is really Christopher Sebastian Bently, ex-rocker from the alternative rock band Heroes at Gunpoint.

When you Google Christopher Sebastian Bently‘s name, CSB is swimming three pages deep in social media justice. Normally, any ex-rocker would love to be known worldwide, right? Well, not for these particular links, which includes everything from Bently’s name, address, disconnected phone numbers, and mentions of him being a terrorist, a Sandy Hook hoaxer and a MOST WANTED predator troll.


You may discover articles going into great detail about the reasons why Christopher Sebastian Bently was thrown out of Heroes at Gunpoint. Connections to Montagraph, Agent19, Felix Pantaleon, JennyGirl, etc. Awesome links thexombiekiller’s crimes. However… however! Not too many pictures of him on stage or promotional shots. It’s fascinating. Basically, lots of rotten & vicious and low on public images, which is not unlike how many of his peers are living. One of the reasons why Bently does this and hides from cameras, is because he worries about his face being associated with Sandy Hook Hoaxers. The other reason is just simply this: Christopher Sebastian Bently is sick. He is not doing well! He is not well at all.

Recently, one of the greatest clues into a rocker/hoaxer’s life has just surfaced — and how embarrassing! First of all, thank the Google-gods for this world we now live in. The world is a stage and Social Media’s Most Wanted has taken the virtual tour of a cyber-bully’s crib. OH MY STARS! Are you kidding me!? Has anyone else seen this?

Um… is this a YARD SALE or is this a YARD FAIL???

It’s not very surprising this low-life’s yard is the only property in the neighborhood in shambles. Get a load of the mess at this address on Lisbon Avenue…

Yard Sale or Yard Fail? (Lisbon Ave. Livermore, California)
XK ~ property of: thexombiekiller / Christopher Sebastian Bently (photo courtesy of Google Maps, 2017)

Click the big picture for the Google Maps link. Any picture below opens to a full size image we screencapped from the web. Please take a moment to get a better idea of what this cancer on society is actually livin’ like.

christopher sebastian bently , thexombiekiller christopher sebastian bently , thexombiekiller christopher sebastian bently , thexombiekiller christopher sebastian bently , thexombiekiller christopher sebastian bently , thexombiekiller christopher sebastian bently , thexombiekiller

christopher sebastian bently heroes at gunpoint

Hopefully, the idiot troll stalker learned his lesson. CSB needs to clean up that act. When will it happen? Tough to say. Christopher Sebastian Bently is beyond listening to anyone. He’s gone soft, posing and pretending to be greater than he really is, into his tender years. Keep in mind, Christopher Sebastian Bently loves attention, continues to push the Sandy Hook hoax, teams up with the likes of Felix Pantaleon, Agent19 & Montagraph and seeks approval from the idiots in Truther Wars. Rest assured, all those rejects with TW are LOVING thexombiekiller getting taken down a few pegs.

Falling from more pegs than that time when this pic dropped…

Sandy Hook Hoax


Seriously, to those who know Christopher Sebastian Bently:

If he talks crap, looks like crap and lives like crap…

Christopher Sebastian Bently , thexombiekiller, eats shit.




1 thought on “Christopher Sebastian Bently AKA thexombiekiller Shows World His Junk”

  1. lol chris use to be my roommate and was a good friend of mine but he started rambling on about sandy hook and I couldn’t take it anymore. He’s not a troll or even a bad dude, he’s just crazy. Seriously, to anyone out there(who might actually read this so all 2 of you), there are a lot of problems in this world and we like to think they are everything else but us. The thing is most people are stupid and the rest are crazy and the few of us who are sane are either faking it or about to go crazy anyway. The key is to realize you too are probably crazy and stupid. So just enjoy the fucking show.

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