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Agent19 HIT HARD: Twitter Account TERMINATED!


Agent19 loses his Twitter account

Psychopath on YouTube (AGENT19) creates Twitter account and LOSES!!!

Agent9142 account operated by Agent19 has been terminated for bullying and harassment.

Agent19 laughs nervously...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Has Agent19 met his match??? The man who bullied people off YouTube with vicious attacks for years had made a move to Twitter just a little over six months ago. A few people who were aware of this coward began thinking, “Oh, great. Another social networking platform is going to get ruined by that pesky duo of Agent19 and Montagraph.”

For the first six months, you would have hit the nail on the head. Agent19 came on the scene to flag and remove things he did not like, mainly flagging accounts he had petty beefs with, which got carried over from YouTube. His goal, along with Montagraph’s, was to remove accounts from the Twitter social networking site and then boast about it for weeks. They hoped their targets would rage. Some of the accounts had over twenty thousand followers while others were accounts sharing links from Social Media’s Most Wanted, Cyber Trolls, Shill.News and Agent19 (posing as Agent9142 on Twitter) was so sure of himself. Nobody would be able to compete. Nobody could possibly take down his accounts. But again, Agent19 got it wrong. Nobody raged. Nobody cared. SOMEBODY took him out.

Twitter accounts DID get even with Agent19

Agent19 as Agent9142 on Twitter - suspended

R.I.P. to this account. Agent9142 was an account created in June of 2016. Agent9142 is survived by the two accounts he followed, Mr. John Walsh from the hit TV show America’s Most Wanted & actor Ernie Hudson, who acted in The Crow as well as Ghostbusters & The Human Tornado.

Agent19 kicked from Twitter with case number!

More people need to report bullies and cyber trolls like this!

Agent19 will try and come off as if he does not care. Agent19 and Montagraph will make statements that they have more accounts ready to go and these are disposable. This is another lie. There is no need to create multiple accounts — okay, maybe one for backup purposes? But these guys have loads of accounts ready to go because they know what they are doing is wrong and not positive. And having accounts closed? This wasn’t always the case. For years, Agent19 and Montagraph were able to run people off the internet.

Now, Agent19 and Montagraph know their accounts are going to be closed for bullying and harassment… from here on in, it’s an all-out flag war. People are fully aware that Agent19 and Montagraph are on social media to “mess with” them and they are fighting back in numbers. These guys think they’re smart — hahahaha! Their subscribers (and former subs) are finally seeing their accounts getting shut down. People are waking up to the garbage they do, to the fear porn they make money off of and especially to the unnecessary dox’ing of anyone who gets close to uncovering their past of pedophilia.

More to be lost soon….