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Wolfgang won’t answer my questions…


Sandy Hook Hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig

Where is the TRANSPARENCY?

10 simple questions for Sandy Hook Hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig.

Internet child stalker CALLED OUT!

I’ve been asking him for months now. Wolfgang Halbig won’t respond to:

  1. Why won’t you share the documents received from the FOIA requests?
  2. How much money have you raised to date?
  3. Why haven’t you provided an audit of checks and balances, like what was promised when you started fundraising?
  4. How much of the money was spent on civil matters?
  5. How much was spent on Viagra and cheap motels?
  6. Why do you refuse to accept answers you’ve received and move on, you’re digging deep don’t you think?
  7. What were your responsibilities with the Lake County School District?
  8. Why didn’t you notify the parents in that school of the dangerous mold but yet you turn around and sue the school district for mold inhalation?
  9. Why did you lie about death threats that were made to you?
  10. Do you honestly consider rubber ducks a threat?

Wolfgang Halbig refuses to answer 10 simple questions.

Wolfgang Halbig in the news:

Mob of Sandy Hook hoaxers troll the internet but only one goes to prison

Lucy Richards, with her wheelchair and pathetic demeanor and alternate reality, was trucked off to prison Wednesday. Justice never looked so tepid. Not that Richards doesn’t deserve her five-month stretch in a federal lockup. She and her fellow conspiracy-theory trolls needed to know that civil society won’t abide lunatic death threats, designed to torment the parents of children murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre. But Richards, such a pitiable excuse for a criminal, was the only troll sent to jail.
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Conspiracy theorist spreads fake info about Sandy Hook shooting

It was one of the worst school shootings in American history, but some people insist that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened. They post YouTube videos and spread rumours online, and their false theories have been repeated by a media mogul conspiracy theorist who has been linked to Donald Trump. Now, after years of harassment, the families of the victims are fighting back online.
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In an age of ‘alternative facts,’ a massacre of schoolchildren is called a hoax

The conspiracy theorists have shown unflagging energy. The most persistent, Wolfgang Halbig, a 70-year-old Florida man who describes himself as a retired school safety expert, said he had made 22 trips to Connecticut, wiped out his pension and spent more than $100,000, which he raised online.
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Sandy Hook to Trump: ‘Help us stop conspiracy theorists’

Halbig has since devoted years of his life to “exposing” what he thinks is a government plot. He started a website. He’s revealed personal information about the victims of his attacks, including names, addresses, legal documents and financial information. And he’s personally travelled to Sandy Hook a number of times. “I call it an illusion. The biggest government illusion that’s ever been pulled off by [the US Department of] Homeland Security.”
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Sandy Hook parent fights the Sandy Hook ‘hoax’

“They’re stalking me,” Halbig said. Despite this, Halbig seems intent on pushing forward with his case. “I feel good, because I really feel deep inside my heart that no children died that day,” Halbig said in the article. “But then on the other side, what if I’m wrong?”
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