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Michael Yuri Janitch aka Dutchsinse and Sinseduth Claims He IS NOT a Sandy Hook Hoaxer.


dutchsinse: Lenny Pozner is a scumbag???

Michael Yuri Janitch is not the person he pretends to be online.

A Tale of Two Dutchies: YouTuber GUILTY of saying one thing while behaving totally different… WEIRD, but expected from Dutchsinse!

Dutchsinse: Michael Yuri Janitch Hoaxer avatarSandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner was put in the position where he had to file a Police Report against Dutchsinse aka Michael Yuri Janitch because Janitch is a full-time, full-tilt, full of rage Hoaxer — but sinse when? Well, since forever, actually. Dutchsinse hides behind hearts and a fake message of peace and love. That’s the image. And lurking just below the surface is one angry clown. The facade of hearts and peaceful pastel imagery is a lie.

Dutchsinse made over thirty videos speaking out against Pozner. Of course, Janitch had some of the craziest ideas about government coverups going. A short while ago, Michael Yuri Janitch would target people along with family members from major tragedies in the news, particularly Sandy Hook. Just like all the other hoaxers online, he spread the hate and disinfo so thick, then tried to separate himself from the damage he had done by slipping into the shadows when the heat got turned on high. Dutchsinse began complaining about free speech, Dutchsinse complained about a hater-Channel on YouTube that was constantly under attack and eventually, Dutchy stopped his complaining. Michael Yuri Janitch came to understand there was nothing but man-made rabbit holes and the worst people imaginable falsely exposing high-profile victims in tragedies. Janitch quickly understood he was the problem. Dutchsinse reported on all the hot topics like Sandy Hook, Paris and Sydney attacks, the Bataclan Theartre massacre… and then one day, packed it all in because nobody was covering earthquakes. Michael Yuri Janitch stopped the obvious online attacks, but the hatred toward Pozner and the inner Hoaxer has become very deep rooted, something he may never shake.

Dutchsinse: hoaxers hoaxing

Hoaxer Dutchsinse (Michael Yuri Janitch) claims he does not go after Sandy Hook families.

Dutchsinse claims he does NOT go after the friends and families of Sandy Hook related people in the media. He does! Of course, he does! It’s exactly how Michael Yuri Janitch made the brand name Dutchsinse on YouTube so popular. Janitch posted Pozner’s information out to the world with errors and sensationalism in an attempt to upset one of the most outspoken victims of high-profile harassment. Dutchsinse would make video after video after video until Pozner put his foot down and said, “Enough is enough.”

What happens next is straight out of the Hoaxer playbook. Evidence of Hoaxer online harassment is scrubbed and the Hoaxer wants to play the victim. All of these online bullies are guilty of insanity, but Michael Yuri Janitch takes it to another level by tweeting out on Twitter he SUPPORTS the families of Sandy Hook!

What an insult.

online hoaxer Dutchsinse aka Michael Yuri Janitch

Seems Dutchsinse is acting just as a Hoaxer would. (Say one thing while knowing the truth is very different)

dutchsinse on Twitter: Michael Yuri Janitch a raging hoaxer

Dutchsinse has a toothless partner in crime known as Tatoott1009 AKA Tatoothless

Teams and teaming up as unlikely duos. Combinations as deadly as peanut butter and mayo. Yes, we have seen it before:


Another dangerous combination of good cop, bad cop. Tatoothless shows his own style of rage while making cloaked threats.

tatoot dutchsinse Michael Yuri Janitch, Jay Lee

Just because you stopped reporting on it, does NOT mean you stopped believing the LIES!

Michael Yuri Janitch is clever. He has formed an unlikely partnership with Tatoot1009. These two work hand in hand – again… good cop, bad cop. Hey, everyone needs a good pal who has your back, not matter what. This duo of Dutchsinse and Tatoott1009 share Facebook, YouTube and websites together, in name. They do not just link out, these guys are linked up in every way. Two radicals talking about the weather?


Dutchsinse and Tatoott1009 on Facebook Fan Page Dutchsinse and Tatoot1009

Michael Yuri Janitch: Dutchsinse the Hoaxer

Michael Yuri Janitch became so enraged that he made over 30 YouTube videos attacking the father of Noah Pozner. A police report needed to be filed against Michael Yuri Janitch. Another example of attacking a Sandy Hook Parent while he and Tatoothless spread conspiracies about Noah Pozner, who was killed in his classroom at the Sandy Hook School Shooting.