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Is Louis Leo, IV a Desperate Gambler?


Louis Leo, IV doubles down, INSISTING no one died at Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Vegas & Parkland.

What do you get when you combine Ted Kaczynski and Stephen Paddock?

A poker player with a serious chip on his shoulder… Louis Leo, IV.

He has been photographed in various T-shirts with conspiracy logos and slogans, along with a trademark hoodie. He even sports different sunglasses from time to time when out at the poker tournaments. We have uncovered years of online poker playing, so we need to ask: what’s the deal with Louis F. Leo, IV – the all-in attorney from Coconut Creek, Florida?


The Hendon Mob

Louis Leo, IV has been on a win streak at the Hendon Mob dot com since 2013, the very same year conspiracies started to gain traction. The online poker craze started exactly ten years prior (around 2003), the year Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker. People obviously treat poker and online poker as a profession, that is known. What is NOT KNOWN is, how does a lawyer from Florida become so skilled at a game of chance and bluffs? Did it happen over night? How does a man average about $50K per year since 2013? Why the low profile? Are there other online gambling accounts he has hidden away?

These questions need to be addressed. Nobody has ever walked into a casino or set up an online poker account and ran the table the way Louis Leo, IV has done.

Poker players also make excellent lawyers

A poker face comes in handy, even under oath and especially in front of judges you hold little to no respect for.


Louis Frank Leo, IV

Louis Leo, IV

When the chips are down…

Louis Leo, IV

And you’re short-stacked…

Louis Leo, IV

Sometimes you end up flat-out BUSTED.

Otherwise known as Florida Bar member: Attorney Louis Frank Leo, IV


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