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HARRY ABNER (Covington, Kentucky) Behind Child Stalking Account JOHN DOE!


Harry Abner (Covington, Kentucky) is John Doe

MrDarkZodiak aka Harry Abner attempts to frame The HONR Network with child trolling sock accounts.

No other options for Harry Abner, removes himself from internet.

Harry Eugene Abner profile avatarThe idea seemed simple enough for an independent film: Keyboard Commandos…MUST DIE!!! – make a movie about internet bullies and stalkers. Cast a few of the old school online trolls from way, way back in the day and give the original keyboard gangstas a producer credit. Produce, market, release the independent film… I’ve done it already with the feature “Bank Roll” a few years back. Leave it to Harry Abner playing MrDarkZodiak to sour the deal when he recently admitted to being the notorious John Doe child stalking account from Google+.

Harry Abner trolls Felix Pantaleon with child relatives

MrDarkZodiak aka Harry Eugene Abner is John Doe, the child stalking, child posting Google+ sock account that was almost impossible to identify. Abner had everyone scratching their heads, asking, “Who the heck is doing this?” 100% confirmed.

Harry Abner incoming phone calls - Covington, Kentucky
Harry Abner incoming phone calls to Doug Maguire – June 30th, 2018

Harry Abner spent hours on the phone, completely confessing to the dirty sock account. Abner ranted and raved on the other end of the line. I listened and took notes. As Abner went into details, I knew these were things only John Doe would be aware of. There was much one-sided laughter about the confusion, chaos… so much mayhem Abner caused with his John Doe persona.

A dangerous game played by a dangerous online troll

The chaos/confusion Abner caused went well beyond trolls and troll accounts he had issues with. Harry Abner is responsible for months of real life harassment (harassment from Felix Pantaleon, Jr.), to random innocent people. This particular John Doe G+ account Abner created added fuel to Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s fire.

Harry Abner created John Doe account to trigger Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

Pantaleon, Jr. became triggered and wrote multiple posts, tweets, created videos and webpages… anything he could do in an attempt to place much of the blame on The HONR Network and HONR Network volunteers.

Much more than blogs and webpages. Way more than tweets and videos. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. conspired with his sister (Florida resident Shirley Pantaleon-Nunez) to contact Boca Raton Police. The Pantaleon family’s anger brought law enforcement knocking on a Sandy Hook parent’s front door.

Why did Harry Abner create John Doe?

Harry Abner played it like a cheap video game, pushing buttons until things hit tilt. Abner must have known what the reactions to his actions would be, because his feud with Pantaleon, Jr. was ongoing for years. He should have known the outcome was going to be Felix Pantaleon, Jr. placing all blame on The HONR Network, The HONR Network volunteers as well as Pantaleon, Jr.’s list of favorite targets.

Harry Abner is mad about the stalking and harassment his family received from back in the day, being added to as a sex offender and the Covington Pedo YouTube Channel created by Felix Pantaleon, Jr. – among other things.

And check out Harry Abner’s video response to Agent19 from a few years ago. Abner says he wants nothing to do with Agent19’s smut, doesn’t want to be involved with this YouTuber and that YouTuber and then throws out my name… “Doug Flootie” or “Doug Clootie” or something.

Harry Abner goes from not knowing anything about me, to having hours and hours of phone conversations for months and months. Abner gets so comfortable, to the point where he blows his own whistle, and tells me he was the one behind John Doe.

When it came out that Harry Abner was indeed John Doe and had been secretly messing with Doug Maguire, The HONR Network and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. in some type of self-serving troll game… Harry Abner had no choice. He quit Google+ and pretty much the internet as we know it.