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Elena Nannoshi Gets a Sick Thrill from Pretending Sandy Hook Never Happened



“I Love a Great Tail (Conspiracy!)” – NAN-NO-SHI Did NOT Just Say That!


elena-nannoshi-russia-russian-swimmer-mermaid-der-maid-dermaid-fins-disney-tail-swim-iconAlright, I have a huge issue with this company. They started showing up on my Facebook feed because of all my fellow New York mermaids and something about them felt off. The woman running the school, Elena, posted a link to part of their website about becoming a certified mermaid instructor on our meetup event and I took the opportunity to ask a few questions.

I said something along the lines of “I’m curious about your credentials. There’s not much information on your site about your qualifications. How are you qualified? How are you able to certifiy others? You’re advertising with a picture of Mermaid Kariel; are you associated with her?” It must have struck a nerve because when I went to check for a reply, the entire post was gone. Mad sketchy if you ask me. So my mertender and I did some digging. These mermaid swim schools are tied to World of Swimming, a nonprofit out of Michigan. But we checked the IRS website to see if they had an EIN or a 501c listed anywhere, like a nonprofit organization would. There was nothing. Even their website is lacking in information about the nonprofit; no “about us”, no mission satement…


It is Elena. I can PM you her last name if you want to confirm. She’s been posting a lot in our pod event. But she must have seen the thread because everything is gone now. I think I figured out what’s going on though. Here is a screenshot of their instagram And here is the website for the International Mermaid Swimming Instructor Association. this is the first time I’m hearing of it, but it looks like the original swim school from the Philippines is expanding and this “world of swimming” school is trying to straight up copy them. But the IMSIA seems like they actually know what they’re doing and are much more professional and safe.

Please watch the movie above about our school in action. Blond girl is our head Mermaid ( head junior coach) and she is a National champion. I am not going to post numbers of our company online. But if you want to donate, please contact our company lawyer, PM me please and I will be glad to give you his name and phone number. We are working hard teaching thousands how to swim. We love to do it. Mermaiding is one of the very interactive swimming lessons, everyone inquire about. We are going Guatemala in June to work with local kids and adults, in July we are going to Kiev, Ukraine swimming pools are ready to run our lessons. Both countries swimming federations are endorsed by our school. New York summer schools inquired mermaid school this season and gave us free lanes in Brooklyn. Regarding the certification level, we developed it from our knowledge of swimming. I don’t understand so many negativities from this community. After all we are teaching how to swim like a mermaid/Mermen. Now I have to work. Actually today I was teaching a few adults mermaids swimming.



Meet Elena Nannoshi; President of World of Swimming, a popular non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children and adults to swim.

On a less honorable note, Ms. Nannoshi also immerses herself in conspiracy theory, the worst of which makes her a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting denier.  Essentially, Ms. Nannoshi has convinced herself that the shooting never happened, no one actually died, and the whole event was staged by the government in order to instill fear into society to more easily limit civil liberties and take away citizens’ guns.

Elena Nannoshi (who lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan) is one of those people who likes deny that the Sandy Hook shooting really happened. She’s a hoaxer. She doesn’t care that innocent children and teachers died. This is what she does for fun.

She also runs the “World of Swimming” program for kids. She should not be around children as she continues to lose her grip on reality. She is a demented sadist who does not think or act rationally when faced with an emergency.

If something traumatic happens in your life, you can count on Elena Nannoshi to just accuse you of being a liar and one of “them.” 2016-06-19 23-47-47 2016-06-19 23-46-18 2016-06-19 23-44-11 2016-06-19 23-42-36 2016-06-19 23-42-03 2016-06-19 23-41-45 2016-06-19 23-46-48