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Questions for Wolfgang Halbig




Wolfgang Halbig is on a mission. The Leader of the Hoaxers has a few questions for Sandy Hook officials and we have a few questions of our own for him. Below are seventeen of the most important questions Halbig needs to answer.

  1. Question #1 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:  You were going to high school in America in 1965 and you didn’t know that the United States had a draft?
    • Nobody on your football team mentioned Vietnam once? How is that possible?
    • Were you trying to dodge the draft?
  2. Question #2  Wolfgang MUST answer:  Why did you try to make it look like you never worked at Lake Weir High?
    • You say on your resume that you were at Vanguard High School from 1975 to 1983. Here we are in 1978 and you’ve only been at Vanguard for one year, and are about to leave. What happened at Lake Weir High School that you don’t want people to know about?
  3. Question #3 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: Why were you planning to abandon the Lake Weir High School Hurricanes, right when the children needed you the most?
    • You told everyone that “by game five you’ll be a different team” but they were not a different team by game five. They lost every game, and you lied about planning for the next two years with them. Why would you lie??
  4. Question #4 Wolfgang MUST answer: Why don’t you include your stint at Sebring High anywhere on your resume?
    • You completely leave out 1983-1985 in your career, why is that?
  5. Question #5 Wolfgang MUST answer: Why does your wife have so many aliases?
    • Is she hiding something?
  6. Question #6 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: Why did you and your wife get a divorce?
    • What happened?
      • Did one of you have an affair?
      • Was it because of your career?
      • Your mental state? Why won’t you answer these simple questions?
  7. Question #7 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: Why have you been touting your experience as a U.S. Customs Inspector for more than twenty years, when you know that it was an entry-level part-time job at an airport, lasting one year at most?
  8. Question #8 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: Why didn’t you know the Quadro Tracker was a fraud, since the U.S. Customs Service knew that, and you frequently tout your experience working for U.S. Customs?
    • Why are you trying to sell a phoney bomb detector to the school you work at? What if there really was a bomb?
  9. Question #9 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: How did that student get his hands on your firearm? You’re a director of security for the school system and you let a student got ahold of your weapon?
    • Why didn’t you stop him? Who does that??
  10. Question #10 Wolfgang MUST answer: What was the nature of your professional relationship with Mr. Marcum? Because according to this MAINSTREAM NEWS article, the similarities are striking between Wolfgang Halbig and Brian Marcum: both worked at Lake Mary High School both attended Customs Inspector Training Academy around the same time and tout it as a “bridge between the school system and local law enforcement agencies” both push school boards to hire private security contractors, and turn to grants when there is not enough funds both are noted for their “surprise inspections” that lead to “safety workshops” after “weak points” have been identified at their own high school. both have conducted “safety seminars” at conferences – sometimes as a team!  the contractors, once hired, conduct the exact same inspections as the “school safety officer”
    • So were you guys just really good friends?
    • Who like to make money the same way?
  11. Question #11 Wolfgang MUST answer:  Aren’t you a former driver’s education teacher and Florida state trooper?
    • Why didn’t you instill in him any respect for safe driving, given the horrors you supposedly witnessed on Florida’s roadways?
    • Why did you allow your son to violate the law like this?
  12. Question #12 Wolfgang MUST answer: Why do you keep hurting yourself on the job?
    • Aren’t you a “national expert” on school and workplace safety? Your workplace is a school, and you can’t seem to keep even yourself safe there.
  13. Question #13 Wolfgang MUST answer: What exactly is your job right at this point?
    • Why are you bizarrely referred to as “the man running the safety program” but who “isn’t allowed to speak on camera?”
    • Why aren’t you allowed to appear on television now?
    • It was okay in 1996, what happened?
    • And what radio show were you on?
  14. Question #14 Wolfgang MUST answer: What exactly is going on here? Why did you both quit your jobs?
    • Did your wife’s new position with Lake County turn out to be a more effective avenue into the county’s tax coffers than yours had been?
  15. Question #15 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: How is it that you were in charge of school safety when you let a student get your gun, AND you were in risk management when BOXES of your vital documents were left out for anyone to find?
    • Is this a joke?
  16. Question #16 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: Why did you list on your 2012 resume under Lake County Public Schools “Director of Risk Management, 2005 – Current” when your contract was terminated in 2009?
    • Obviously you updated your resume as recently as 2012, since it includes an entry for a corporation you didn’t even file for until 2012, so why didn’t you correct this part?
  17. Question #17 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: How could you send those children into those filthy schools, knowing about the toxic mold?
    • You call yourself an “expert witness” but if you witness, some toxic mold in a school, do you run from it rather than doing your job?
    • Where are the work orders you should have submitted to address this potentially very serious safety issue?