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There is No Truth to Anything JennyGirl Says


Jennifer Morrell, Kings Park, NY

Jennifer Morrell is a liar.

TheRealJennyGirl lies about everything and anything… can’t trust her.

BEWARE: Jennifer Morrell aka Jennifer Strickland aka Jennifer Mickens of Kings Park, New York is a mentally ill troll.

Jennifer Morrell aka JennyGirl aka The Real Jenny Girl aka Jennifer Mickens aka Jennifer Strickland… do you see where this is going? Someone needs to create hundreds of identities on the internet, because they’re a truthful person?

No. JennyGirl – Jennifer Morrell – is completely horrible and a liar.

JennyGirl claims that she owns the copyright to images from an unknown artist.

In reality, this artist lives in the Philippines:

Jeniffer Morrell sells her daughter’s clothes and toys online.

How disgusting is she? Jennifer Morrell will do anything for a buck. Jenny Girl writes whack job chem-trail articles for “Enchanted Lifepath” and pretends to be starting a non-profit for kids… all while losing her mind on social media. Not a very nice person. Ask around.

Jenny Girl reads trashy “urban fiction”

While her man is on the inside, JennyGirl crawls up with a good book and talks about sending copies of the pages to him on Rikers in 2012; her goodreads account shows same activity as Facebook comments to author:

  • Richmond County: CV-036326-03/RI  FINANCIAL CREDIT, LLC v JENNIFER MORRELL
  • Suffolk County: CC-000188-14/SM   Nguyen Plastic Surgery, PC v Morrell, Jennifer P/N/G Jahnae Mickens

The Men of Morrell…

Jennifer Morrell was at some point involved with Joseph Ward (aka “Jay Dubz”) and the timing suggests he could be her kid’s father. She was also involved with a man who is/was incarcerated. There is Joseph Ward who is currently imprisoned at Riker’s. There’s also a “Bruce Mickens” at Rikers, same last name as her kid.


Jennifer Morrell, Jennifer Mickens, Jennifer Strickland

JennyGirl & Jenny Girl – RealJennyGirl

JenniferGirl1978 & [email protected]

Jen, Jenn, Jenny, Jenifer, Jennifer and all combinations with Stickland, Mickens and Morrell