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Jennifer Morrell Thinks About Pain Medication Constantly


YouTuber Real JennyGirl (Real Jenny Girl) ON DRUGS!


jennifer_morrell-real_jenny_girl-jennygirl-avatarJennifer Morrell does not need or want anyone’s help with her drug problem. Another pill-popping addict who thinks they know what’s best and who imagines the behavior they display online and offline as “normal” behavior.

It would be one thing if this was a woman who chooses to throw her life away. It’s another thing when Jennifer Morrell’s young daughter is counting on her mom for proper guidance and “Morrell” values. Actually, Real JennyGirl is damaging more than her own child! She is nothing more than a Cyber Troll, hell-bent on the destruction of families.

JennyGirl and Doug Maguire exchange strange text messages in 2016

Let’s forget this first text thread begins right out of the gate with Jennifer Morrell texting to Doug Maguire, “Never fuck a nigga raw Bae.” Instead, notice the pill addiction in all these shots. Tempting a man with crazy sex while on pills? To some that’s a no-brainer. If you need to see where Maguire’s heart was, scroll to the bottom. It was always in the right place.

In the meantime, these iPhone screen captures are gold! JennyGirl needs to hint around (in case her and Maguire really did get together!) that the person who lands her also lands a drug addict. That would mean rehab, counseling, detox, backsliding, relapses, etc. What a nightmare!


Jennifer Morrell (The Real JennyGirl) sends drug fueled text messages!



JennyGirl snaps a pic of her meds spread out on her filthy bed!






JennyGirl does drugs and brags about connections she does not have.

In this next thread, Jennifer Morrell is acts delusional as the drugs she ingested kick in.


Jennifer Morrell on pain medication and bragging about her "insider" connections.



Drug deal goes horribly wrong for The Real Jenny Girl

One of the funnier JennyGirl text messages had to be the time Jennifer Morrell accidentally sent a text message to someone it was not intended for. It happens, so no big deal, right? But it is a big deal if the text was meant for a drug dealer!


JennyGirl accidentally texts a drug deal! LOL!



The very same drug deal, moments later…

What happened next was JennyGirl asking a child to do some messed up things. This kid was about seven years old at the time, at best! Jennifer Morrell got the minor’s drug-dealing dad’s permission, who allowed the young boy a nice shot – flipping off the camera! Morrell then took a video in the final minutes of her drug deal. Both RealJennyGirl and the drug-dealing dad had their little man say things like “suck my dick” and “you fucking cunt” as some sort of way to get back at someone. She wanted a child to do her evil bidding.

See for yourself…


© CLICK THIS LINK (Jennifer Morrell / Jenny Girl / CHILD ENDANGERMENT ©


Jennifer Morrell encourages children to flip off the camera!
Jenny Girl has a drug dealer’s son give the bird to camera. (2016)

This child was part of a drug deal.

  • He was told to flip the camera off
  • He was instructed to say grown-up words
  • He witnesses his father selling pills to people in their cars
  • His father may work in the pharmaceutical industry (according to Morrell)
  • This took place in 2016 around the New York suburbs area

Everyone knows children need to be protected from the horrors of this world. Of course things will slip by parents on television, they may sneak a cigarette or two out of curiosity, children do these things… and most of the children know it is wrong. They feel guilty! They all have that guilty conscience, something many adults lose along the way. This little guy needed real adult supervision more than most. Hey, as long as JennyGirl is getting high, don’t bother.

Doubling down with C-bombs

Morrell sees nothing wrong with having kids say the “C” word. Even if the kid is a punk or a bad seed, Jenny Girl continues to claim how she fights for the rights and protection of innocent children?

Sure. Sure she does. It’s very clear what is going on in New York.

And that’s the drug deal JennyGirl sent Doug Maguire. It began with texting the wrong person and ended with texting the exact right person. Maguire posted this out as soon as he got away from Jennifer Morrell.

The Real JennyGirl's REAL drug dealer!
A zoomed in flip-shot shows Morrell’s drug dealer living on a DEAD END street.


Real JennyGirl's Real DrugDealer lives at #19 on a dead end street. He's a star.
A zoomed in look at Jennifer Morrell’s drug dealer’s house. Cream colored with red shutters, black door, #19. Super Star.




And in the end…

Maguire wanted JennyGirl off drugs.

Jennifer Morrell is paranoid about TheXombieKiller and Doug Maguire understands "why" the paranoia. (text message screencap)