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James Tracy PhD FIRED from FAU


James Tracy FAU associate professor, fired from position.

Professor James F. Tracy is a disgrace to the academic world and is single-handedly destroying the reputation of Florida Atlantic University.

James “Jim” Tracy who ran memoryholeblog has been FIRED from University teaching position

Teaching an altered and perverted version of historic events runs contrary to the mission of educational institutions, which is to fill young minds with knowledge about the true nature of the world they live in and prepare them to compete in it. James Tracy creates fictional theories and encourages students to give more credence to conjecture and speculation than hard-core fact. People are horrified when they learn that Tracy does not merely theorize but actually inserts himself into these modern tragedies, by harassing and tormenting the victims.

In a recent article appearing in the Sun-Sentinel, Veronique and Leonard Pozner—parents of Sandy Hook child victim Noah—gave a heartfelt account of how Tracy contacted them demanding proof that they were the boy’s parents. Tracy has been part of a campaign to gang stalk a little girl whom they believe to be part of their Sandy Hook hoax conspiracy.

Why is FAU co-signing this behavior?

It can take a while for any business, organization, etc. to act, look into or investigate these types of behavioral problems. Many conspiracies come and go, everything from the JFK assassination to Elvis being alive and well on some secret island, have been talked about for years. But teaching how to hoax? And teaching about tragedies from news on the television the previous night? Why should students and staff allow their reputations to be jeopardized? Why are the disgraceful actions of one incompetent professor making bigger headlines? A professor who dedicated his life to teaching young minds and one day he decided to fill those impressionable heads up with garbage.

James Tracy finally FIRED… and never allowed to teach higher learning?

Fired? Yes, of course James Tracy was fired. As nor never being allowed to teach higher learning? We can only hope this comes true one day…