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SL04N aka Michael Sloan Hooks – YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram – Social Media Influencer EXPOSED!

Who is SL04N?

SL04N a/k/a Michael Sloan Hooks – Social Media Influencer… EXPOSED!

YouTuber gains popularity on various social media platforms with CLICKBAIT headlines and CANCEL CULTURE mentality.

Pepé Le Pew is an animated character from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons, introduced to us in 1945. Depicted as a French skunk, Pepé is constantly on a quest for love. After years of chasing his favorite pussycat around, cancel culture has finally gotten rid of an Academy Award-winning pest many of us grew up with on Saturday mornings. People like SL04N could not be happier.

SLO4N a/k/a SLOAN a/k/a Michael Sloan Hooks is an Arlington VA vlogger on YouTube. SL04N has recently made quite a name for himself around the internet with subject matter such as sexual abuse allegations against former child actors, eating disorders from other social media influencers, claims of racism from celebrities, and anything else that could be considered clickbait to get maximum views. Much of what SL04N does is trashy tabloid talk. His content is similar to things that have gotten other YouTuber’s Channels taken down and canceled for good.

Is it time to cancel SL04N?

Should SL04N be canceled? Made-up stories of sex abuse (especially ones that are decades old) are a headache to defend. When SL04N claims a celebrity is a rapist, pedophile, or sexual abuser, he does so with stretched truths, bogus facts, and unverified sources. In his videos, SL04N adds wild opinions to back it all up. This is one of the easiest ways to make money and find fame on YouTube… through rumors, lies, and gossip which leads to more clicks.

SL04N damages reputations, period, and needs to be canceled.


Born in 1994 and raised around parts of Virginia, SL04N is the youngest of three children. SL04N attended the James Madison University where he studied psychology and worked as a researcher. SL04N’s research and data analysis focused on behaviors of patients with severe anti-social personality traits. Was it here at James Madison University where SL04N learned his skills in manipulation by emulating some of the most narcissistic patients?

Most likely. SL04N’s effeminate speech and mannerisms along with over-the-top hand gestures make this YouTuber come across as a person who could never even harm a fly. Of course, this is all an act. SL04N suffers from manic depression and has a narcissistic personality disorder. Everything SL04N does is about himself and the way it makes him feel or how he reacts.

Can you imagine if you were a sexual abuse survivor? Just imagine for a second: being forced to relive your worst nightmare because of a vlogger on YouTube who wants to make a living off your pain? How do you prove you were not abused if these are only rumors? No actual proof, nobody is being arrested, not one conviction, just anonymous speculation by SL04N which is impossible to defend. And if you do try to defend yourself, SL04N calls you mentally ill, corrupted by the Illuminati.

Is it okay to have discussions about the topics SL04N brings up?

What Sloan is doing online is illegal. Records regarding child sexual abuse are sealed by Courts in order to protect the victim’s identity. Not only does SL04N release that protected information to the public, but he also has no understanding of how the Court system works.

Why don’t celebrities fight back?

Fighting online defamation is difficult, a public nightmare, and very expensive. And because people like SL04N don’t have the means to pay out for damages, many times it is not worth their time.  This allows predators like SL04N to make thousands each month online. Much of SL04N’s income is through click-bait videos and merchandise sales, so this guy does not have the kind of money that would make a lawsuit worthwhile.

On top of all this, SL04N does not make his videos restricted. His adult-themed content is available for all to see, even children who may search “Nickelodeon,” “Disney,” or any other children’s program on YouTube SL04N does not agree with.

Forget Pepé Le Pew. It’s time to cancel the real smelly animal and demand he stops lining his pockets at the expense of other people’s pain and suffering.

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